August 10, 2013

in the moment

she's gonna kill me. this is one of those spontaneous photos i delight so much in taking but mom is not always so happy with. i told her the photo was just for me. sorry, mom, how could i NOT share this slice of unbridled joy?

it's right before dinner is served. mom is hand drizzling freshly made Italian vinaigrette dressing over our salads, blissfully unaware of me surreptitiously picking up my camera. dad, eagle-eyed sees the camera lift to my eyes and quickly sneaks in behind this woman he adores gleefully showing his love and affection. the moment his hand slides on her arm and tiny waist, she blushes and smiles.

you can't miss the radiance. the camera captures them. the sweetness of their relationship. their playful spontaneity. living in the moment. dad being the affectionate husband. so in-love enjoying every moment after 56 years with his beautiful bride.

they're meant for each other. but even more than that, despite all the challenges that life tosses at them in the aging process, they grab each moment with joy and gratitude. she hosts birthday parties despite kidney stones. dad graciously greets you at the door with a beaming smile and entertains company despite pain.

today i realized, this is where i got it from. where it was modeled. bred in me. taught in a master class. this voracious appetite to seize every moment in life. to change my perspective when i can't change my circumstance. to retain the sensitivity to feel delight in the smallest things that surround me. to feel and express joy because it is IN us. to treasure these moments as gifts.

every since i was a teen, i have a little painting placed where i can see it every night before i go to sleep. it says happiness is not so much about what we have. it's about what we enjoy. yep, truth...