April 15, 2013


i am content
nothing more is needed
nothing need change or be subtracted
for me to be at ease
i am here, now, feeling complete
tomorrow floats on the other side of sleep
yet it does not concern me
yesterday needs no reflection or judgment
my mind flows neither forward or backward
but cradles me gently in the evening air

i am unconstrained
undefined by the words seeking to shape me
simply being the shape that i am
in a womb like sense of neutral, buoyant
no need to analyze or plan
connecting with the night air
the silk of these sheets
the warm fur of bella purring beside me
appreciating each breath we inhale
the spring color beauty of my maples
a full tummy

i am beautiful to me
warm to my own touch
sweetness inside my own supple skin
accepting all that i am
hands bruised from gardening
hair that curls in gentle disarray
as if it were tousled in sex
there is no loss, no gain, simply what is
this form of me, simply whole