March 15, 2013

i'm different

It started with a funny & sarcastic Facebook posting of a photo that showed a bowl of chili and not chili in the individual’s opinion.

She had been “held hostage at the nail salon” forced to watch a cooking show in which the cook, horrors of horrors, put in tomatoes and green peppers. She stated that if our favorite chili had ANYTHING but meat, chili powder and water in it and wasn't cooked for around 2 days, it was not chili. It was simply soup.

Most comments fell on the side of supporting a variety ingredients in chili citing various personal reasons as to what flavors the chili they love the most.

One person joked, then I guess I don’t make chili right.

Then we were told, don’t even try to defend not-chili. It’s not chili.

That made me sit up and connect the dots. Isn't this the human quality from which the arrogant surety and superiority of one’s beliefs or behavior starts?

If you say this, you’re not American.
If you are gay, you can’t marry your partner.
If you vote for the opposing candidate, you’re wrong.
If you don’t believe as I do, you’re going to hell.
If your country origin is not mine, you’re my enemy.

At first, I’m right, you’re wrong may just pass for humorous or snarky behavior. It quickly escalates into characterizations that annoy, offend, hurt and distance us from each other. Convinces us that alternate ideas and behavior pose a threat to our own. Cultivates a mob mentality prone to persecute. Transforms into a weapon to justify eradicating those that think, act and look differently than we do.

Society is a beautiful plural fabric of unique human beings, beliefs and behaviors. Let the differences delight us. As beautiful as we are, 6 billion other people that look, act and believe as we do would be really boring.

I’m different. So are you.

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Anonymous said...

Really couldn't agree more than I do.
Beautiful sentiment and a wish that more of us humans would think this way.