October 26, 2012


one of us is staying warm with half a foot of snow outside curled up inside with two black cats. one of us just ran 5 miles at lunchtime listening to the sounds of autumn leaves crunch below his shoes. one of us is sick in bed with a cold curled up with two cats. one of us is crafting new strategies to promote their business. for one of us, it will be sunny and 82 degrees. for another it will be 38 degrees. one of us just ate lunch with friends in borough market.

we are all in the moment. experiencing our life. our way. how we embrace life, choosing each moment in our journey. it doesn't matter whether we're inside or outside, achieving or grieving, hot or cold, how we embrace our circumstances makes all the difference.

being content, believing you are in sunshine,  is not a place. not an experience. not a dream.

it is your state of mind.

October 22, 2012

simply orange

all heart. 6-0 in elimination games. outscored the cards 20 to 1 in the last 3 games. lights out pitching. lights out defense. dominant start to shutout finish. even a monsoon couldn't stop us. giants win the pennant!

October 21, 2012

writing chapters

Disappointment rushed in so suddenly, it punctured the air as I tried to breathe. A trip I excitedly anticipated was canceled at the doorstep of my departure. This chapter, as it seemed poised to unfold, had a plot twist. And, there was nothing I could do about it.

Actually there was. I surrendered to the moment releasing my image of what ”was supposed to be” and experienced life unfold with new possibilities. 

Friday became a photographer's delight joining a friend touring the modern, conceptual installations of the finest landscape architects at CornerStone Sonoma 
and for a fried green tomato sandwich at the acclaimed Fremont Diner (serious southern food with locally produced ingredients) topped off with cheering my Giants to victory in the evening.

Saturday's breakfast allowed me to catch up with another friend to keep my perspective grounded. The day 
morphed into new artist discoveries at ARTrails including Erika Schmitt, whose aptly named studio Vessels of the Soul features found objects organically assembled into artistic joy. Three of us, paused to connect, forge artistic camaraderie and I came away enriched with 2 new friends and a beautiful necklace. An unexpected message from an east coast friend, visiting the wine country, became lively late afternoon conversation at Jackson's over drinks, continued into Jack & Tony's to appreciate a fine Macallan, admire his exquisite photographs and extended into dinner & laughter as other friends joined us. 

Life doesn't happen TO us. It IS us.

The pen is ours. It's part adventure, part mystery. It is our story, shaped by our choices, our voice, as we transform paragraphs of possibility into authentic joy.

For me, it is new friendships. Renewed ones. New discoveries. New business opportunities. An evolving plot twist. The sweetness of life savored warm on my tongue like a Macallan 18 single malt scotch.