September 10, 2012


it’s far too easy to quickly respond to a challenge by saying, i can’t do that. most of the time, it’s not because we truly can’t. most of the time we can.

i’ve found two key reasons why i’m tempted to say can’t.

the 1st is i either don’t want to or i don’t want to make the adjustments required to be able to do what i think i can’t. once when i was totally stressed out, a friend suggested i take a day off. my immediate response was, i can’t do that! in reality, i can. i might not get paid for that day off and i might think i’m indispensible, but in truth, i can take a day off. i just have to accept the benefits along with the ramifications.

the 2nd is that i haven’t done it before. i ran headlong into this after my marriage failed and the responsibilities for maintaining everything about my home fell to me.

at first, i was overwhelmed. there were all these tasks that i had abdicated in that division of labor. he mowed the lawn. he cleaned the gutters. y’know, guy stuff. REALLY?

my first act of rebellion was to change my perspective. realized that this isn't guy turf. this was my turf. my home. i wheeled out the lawnmower and figured out how to get it started. leaf blower, check. pulled out a ladder (ignored the heights) and voila, i can clean gutters. dishwasher doesn’t work, call a repair man. i can!

the best way to make i can happen, is to take that first small act of rebellion. figure out why you think you can’t. giggle. now you can.