August 11, 2012

not my idea

There's a lot about me that could be considered cat-like. A spirited Leo, I'm independent, expressive, confident, cuddly, determined, driven and, in general, born to rule. Last week, for several hours, I fell prey another cat trait. It's that moment after you plop a cat onto your lap only to have them promptly jump off (to return 74 seconds later) because it was not my idea.

We've all experienced this. Sometimes from an ego-driven boss or associate who won't accept our recommendation because it wasn't their idea. Sometimes, we reject other's ideas because we're embarressed we didn't think of it first. To accept it, feels like admitting we needed help with the idea in the first place! Ego just gets in the way.

This week, I was painfully beating my head against a professional battle that I doggedly determined to resolve in a singular way. All of a sudden, an idea came out of left field from the very individual with whom I was doing battle.

My initial (non-verbal) reaction was along the lines of WTF. An hour later, I realized there might be merit to this idea. Two hours later, when I discussed it with a friend, his first remark was "you win." And there it was. If I accepted this idea, both my opponent and I would win.

The next morning, as I discussed a few concerns I had with this idea with a business associate, he pointed out that my opponent had actually come up with an idea that benefitted me more than it will serve them. Yowser, with ego out of the way, within 16 hours, I transitioned from pain to peace.  It doesn't matter where the idea came from, this idea is ahhsum!

Is ego in the way of the next best idea you haven't yet embraced?