July 21, 2012

cartoon flight

I knew I liked him when he plunked his face on the airline seat tray table and popped up and said "Amen!"

A few minutes earlier, I had boarded a 3hour delayed flight to make my return trip on what would be a 20-hour day that had started at 3am. I was exhausted and a little brain "loopy". So when the 8th grader sat next to me and we remarked how sleepy we were, he said his trick when accidentally falling asleep in class was to pop up and exclaim "Amen" to make every body laugh. It was 8pm, I'd been in business mode all day but the kid in me woke up and felt like playing.

So when he started flipping through the Skymall catalog in a "who buys this stuff" mode, I saw the catalog with a whole new set of kidlike eyes; this was the best cartoon book EVER put on an airplane!

For the next 2 hours of flight, we slowly flipped through each item featured and made hilarious jokes about the photo, the headline, the ooey gooey wording used to describe some pretty ridiculous options. Inflatable movie screens, magic showerheads that glow with LED color, tidy "storage" tents that looked like a one-person tent someone forgot to put away after camping. A pair of painter shorts called "beer" shorts because you could tuck a beer in the pockets. We couldn't stop laughing.

But it was the "health and wellness" section that sent us into stitches. Gooey stuff you could spray on your head called "hair building fibers", a head and eye massager, a SomaWave helmet, a portable gel seat, a therapeutic "oxygen" gel, a "Public Toilet Survival Kit" and "wake up on time" vitamin pills were among the best highlights of the how many friends would stop friending you on Facebook if they saw you use this!

The wheels touched down safely at our destination and we hadn't even noticed 2 hours go by. He was a kid of divorced parents getting shuffled off to the other one. I wouldn't get home til midnight. We were on a delayed flight with lots of upset passengers. None of that mattered. Kids can have fun anywhere.