November 03, 2012

small things

Would you like a flower? the clerk asked.

I nodded and he handed me an aromatic orchid bloom. His gesture gave me a smile as I walked back to the car.

Sick shirt! commented the young man carrying my heavy cat food bag.

I love the attitude, I responded. This shirt always makes me smile when I put it on. 
What's the story behind the design on your t-shirt? the man in front of me asked as he surveyed my Moreland & Arbuckle shirt.

Oh, it's one of my favorite rock bands from Kansas City, I grinned in reply.

Wow, looks like a Derringer, he laughed.

The band is as hot as a pistol, I responded, both of us now laughing as we walked to our cars.

Completing my errands, I drove into my cul-de-sac neighborhood slowly, top down on my Boxster in the sunny 75 degree day enjoying the activity in the front yards. I compliment one neighbor on their new landscaping. They beam with pride. Chat with another about her turquoise classic Chevy, two girls passing in the sunshine driving by in cars we love. More smiles.

These are the small moments of our days. A sampling of mine in the past two. When we discover a smile in a brief conversation with a stranger or neighbor. Or over the phone or from a Facebook comment. These are the simple, "no charge" moments that spark the brightness of life. Like glue, we may hardly notice they're there. But they hold the upturn in our smile and the lightness in our step. We connect.

The power of a smile; it's not such a small thing.

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