October 26, 2012


one of us is staying warm with half a foot of snow outside curled up inside with two black cats. one of us just ran 5 miles at lunchtime listening to the sounds of autumn leaves crunch below his shoes. one of us is sick in bed with a cold curled up with two cats. one of us is crafting new strategies to promote their business. for one of us, it will be sunny and 82 degrees. for another it will be 38 degrees. one of us just ate lunch with friends in borough market.

we are all in the moment. experiencing our life. our way. how we embrace life, choosing each moment in our journey. it doesn't matter whether we're inside or outside, achieving or grieving, hot or cold, how we embrace our circumstances makes all the difference.

being content, believing you are in sunshine,  is not a place. not an experience. not a dream.

it is your state of mind.

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kAREN g said...

I heart.