October 04, 2012


i was born with a huge space for laughter in my soul. in fact, through time, what i've found is that people remember me for my laugh.

one day, here in santa rosa, as i was walking away from parking my car, the maintenance man for the complex approached me and asked, did you ever work at dell in austin. surprised, this being nearly 6 years after i had left dell, i said, yes, why? he responded, i would recognize your laughter anywhere. he then explained he had been a maintenance man at dell in austin and remembered my laugh as he walked through the hallway by my office.

laughter is nothing short of magic. anger vanishes with a touch of laughter. frustration transforms into relaxation. laughter connects us with each other. with the instincts of a sneeze, walls are torn down and  intensity evaporates when we are receptive to the humor in life. my dad often started his classes reading a few jokes to his students. laughter enables us to be real, to learn, to be honest with ourselves. he knew that.

my family can giggle mercilessly over cards or scrabble on a saturday night. no pun is out of bounds. no humor too silly. i've bowled unsuspecting cans down the aisle of a grocery store toward my partner late at night while grocery clerks watched with bemused smiles. i've pushed a friend hunched in a shopping cart thru the aisles of target making parents cringe and children howl in delight.

maybe that's it. a kid always gets the joke.


Anonymous said...

I thought I met a man
Who said he knew a man
Who knew what was going on
I was mistaken
Only another stranger
That I knew
And I thought I had found a light
To guide me through
My night and all this darkness
I was mistaken
Only reflections of a shadow
That I saw
And I thought I'd seen someone
Who seemed at last
To know the truth
I was mistaken
Only a child laughing
In the sun

Judy said...

ahh, the child in us knows the truth, and it is not so heavy, to sad, it is the lightness and simplicity of each new breath of life...