October 09, 2012


Dusk is my favorite time of day.

I love the ending of things. Without an ending, there would be no triumph. After it concludes, only then, is a game won or a project is finished. Even sadly, only then does a season end.

After autumn leaves fall, resilient limbs reveal core strength and structure of the tree. After a fiery sunset, a milky way of stars and planets reveal the unfathomable universe our small planet inhabits.

I love what happens next. That transition from sunset to night.


Dusk desaturates the landscape to reveal her sinewy shapes. In smoky grays and blues, our eyes are challenged to relax, to focus on a few pared images.

We can’t see the little gnats, dust or pollution. All the small irritants and annoyances disappear from view. We focus on what matters. Things that last. Mother earth rising and falling along the shapes of hills and valleys. Trees anchored deep within her soil. The unmistakable foundation of where we live, laugh and love.

Maybe that that's what I love most about the clarity of dusk. The simplicity of perspective.

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