October 03, 2012


autumn is my favorite season. even my first published book of poetry was titled "reflections of autumn". i relate so much to autumn that at the age of 20, i wrote in a self-portrait:

my heart is autumn
changing season--ever changing colors
my passion comes cold as breeze in frost
as bright as the harvest moon
misty, moody mornings
the desire of unquenchable driving rain
caught between the bronzed, ravished beauty of summer
and the cold, white purity of winter
years beyond the fragile, newborn innocence of spring
i know the sadness of the maple
stripped of her burnished glory
there is beauty in my dying--this my living
i was born to die to be born again
as the tree lives on in the seeds the wind planted
i will live autumn for eternity

i am fascinated with how very human autumn is. how a sea of green leaves transform into fiery hues of yellow, red, coral, brown and maroon. how remarkably brash they sparkle in a brilliant blaze to capture our attention before lying windswept on the ground. then with the touch of an elegant whisper, the pure shape of the tree emerges longing to be noted for the beauty within.

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