July 26, 2012

a road more flown by

Every year, in late spring, one lane of 9th Street in Santa Rosa is blocked and the sign says "Road Construction." But there aren't any potholes to fix.

Still the dutiful orange cones block off the fast lanes of the tree lined boulevard, both directions for about a quarter mile. It's a gorgeous area, tall eucalyptus and fir trees line the center divide and both sides of the street in gorgeous green summer foliage... no, wait. Did someone just TP those trees?

As you drive through, looking up you will see hundreds of splashes of white. Some big splashes, some tiny round ones. It is the annual nesting and birthing place of a brand new generation of snow white egrits in the eucalyptus trees down the center of the boulevard with sleek swoops of mothers flying against the backdrop of a blue sky to and from their plump little feather balls nestled in the trees.

Perhaps the city is just protecting drivers from the unexpected splats that descend from the sky for a few months in late spring.

I'd like to think it's because they care enough to protect this annual snow white ritual.


Anonymous said...

"Walkin’ down that lonesome road
Fly with me on fire,
Lookin’ for that windy place
Searchin’ ever higher.
High upon a mountaintop
Fortress thick and bonded,
Thoughts about a brighter day
Together in the sun."

Judy said...

Beautiful imagery! I but wish I could take flight & soar above a mountaintop in the sunshine tomorrow!