May 13, 2012

mom. love. cookies.

Mint Jubilee Cookies

there’s a universe
inside a cookie
this soft and sumptuous
pillow melting in my mouth
warming my heart to her
 this perfect little lump
of chocolate and mint
cradled in a plump circle
of perfect circumference
and identical proportion

aromas of home
saturate my senses
visions of mom
slipping cookies off spatulas
waiting for milk
and sticky fingers
finding their way
to each prize
savoring each taste
finding tears and joy
inseparably twined

here I live
never wanting to
bake these myself
always wishing that she
will tuck them away for
my journey home
the sweetness of mom
wrapped in a cookie
an eternity of love
and endearment
swirled in a moment
jubileed in my heart

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