May 10, 2012

being human

I lost my wallet last Monday. Uhh, I can't blame it on being stolen. It was misplaced by moi after buying a small housewarming gift for my new neighbor and running to join the BBQ. Later, I forgot I had tossed my wallet hurriedly in the bag as I scooped up the shopping bags and tossed them into the recycle bin before wheeling them out to the curb for garbage pickup day.

After an hour searching through the house looking for it, I mentally retraced my steps from the day before and realized that once again, I had been presented with irrefutable evidence of my human foibles. Determined not to let the next 4 hours of my life be depressing, I found ways to have fun as I contacted banks and insurance companies and joked about how I had lost the wallet.

But the fun really developed when I went to the DMV to request a replacement driver's license. It occurred to me as I was directed with my form to an area with ledges to fill out the forms, that those around me were filling out this SAME form. It was a quiet, crestfallen looking crowd. After I filled out my form, I joked, a little loudly on purpose with the guy next to me how my garbage can had stolen my wallet. He told me how he lost his. Then someone else chimed in... and another and another. This group was now all grinning and laughing. By the time my number was called, I was standing at a window next to 2 other windows that were ALL processing driver's license replacement requests. I asked my service rep how many she processed a day and she said usually 50-80. Now the reps got to join in on the laughter that was expanding in our section.

Earlier that morning, when I first realized my wallet was accidentally taken hostage by the recycle bin, I thought it would be a bad day. In fact, it was just the source of sharing laughter and life with a group of strangers who were rotely (or sheeplishly) going about their day in mundane fashion. I uploaded a photo to Facebook with the description "now serving 492 people in front of me".

Ever notice how the funniest stories we tell are ones where something went wrong or we goofed up? They may not have seemed funny at the time, but later, we tell the jokes on us. It's what BONDS us as humans. When we tell stories of our success, people can cheer us on but they may not relate--they might even be a little envious. But when we laugh about being human, it connects us.

Never forget, you have power to make a difference. What difference will you make in someone's life today?
waiting at the DMV

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Anonymous said...

That you could light up even the DMV is no surprise to those who know you.