May 11, 2012


I was born curious. Curiosity is a significant driving force propelling my discoveries like my collection of 3,200+ different musical artists in my MP3 collection including small labels (or no label) talent from Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Australia and Sonoma County.

Curiosity flings opens the door to explore and learn. Like traveling to Costa Rica and photographing tree frogs in the middle of the night, taking a new job, learning a new Photoshop technique or trying out a new food. Even driving from California to Texas with a ski boat behind me to work for Dell when I only knew 1 person there. It makes the unimaginable possible.

Curiosity is key to life. It propels us forward, around the bend, to whatever's next. Curiosity inflames courage and ignores fear. Curiosity is unafraid of being wrong because it wants to know the truth. Curiosity doesn't dawdle in the past, it wants to know what the next hour brings.

Curiosity allows us to delight in mystery. I am drawn to men who are not obvious. I love when there's something mysterious, thoughtful, or intriguing that requires peeling back. Curiosity is the vision of the explorer, the anticipation of the lover, the baited breath of the athlete.

Curiosity allows us to revel in surprise and anticipation. Not knowing what is wrapped in that present under the tree. I love the surprise of comments on my blog or readers who respond when reading my poetry. I'm compelled to write and photograph and express even if no one else sees or reads what I create, yet, I still wonder what you think. And when you comment in anonymous fashion, it enhances the tension and fuels the imagination. I want to know who you are. And yet I love the curious intrigue when I don't.

Curiosity is what keeps us alive. It thrives discovering what each new breath unfolds. Cherish and nurture your curiosity. For when you know all you wish to know, you then but know how to die.


Anonymous said...

Leave your cares behind come with us and find
The pleasures of a journey to the center of the mind

Come along if you care
Come along if you dare
Take a ride to the land inside of your mind

Judy said...


Anonymous said...

So is it better to be curious about someone or something and yet never find the answer, or must all curiosity be revealed, in order to be fulfilled? I have always thought that some curiosities are meant to never be answered, being left to wonder can be quite inspirational for some, frustrating for others. I believe you don't feel a need for every curiosity to be revealed, but I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Can't put words in her mouth but I think you both agree that an inherently curious individual is inspired rather than frustrated because her blog post ends with "when you know all you wish to know, you then but know how to die."