May 18, 2012


And then it hits. Like a hurricane in the Bering Sea. It's energizing. The adrenalin surges. The waves crash in frothy white.  It's fast and still foreign, unrecognizable. It's change.

You're the same vessel but these are different waters. You try to navigate but you're not quite sure if something is amiss with the engine or the rudder but the steering feels different. You can't quite get your bearings. It's change.

You take a deep breath, relax your shoulders. Turn patience inward. It doesn't matter if you're 23 or 53, adjusting to new patterns, routines, information, challenges...all of it, takes a little time to absorb. It's change.

You may not feel at ease steering in these new waters, yet.  But the sun will still rise. And there's one thing you can trust; the boat will stay afloat.

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Anonymous said...

For a great viewpoint on change - the need for it, the way to embrace it, and how to continually explore new ways to change - check out the movie "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". Great stuff.