August 01, 2011


I took my usual short stroll through my garden this morning, coffee in one hand and camera in the other, before I started work. Sunday, I had done a lot of work on my succulents, re-potting and rearranging the specimens in these decorative pots. I was going to document what I had accomplished but my eye was distracted by other changes in the garden. Ones that I hadn't accomplished but had evolved on their own. 

As I looked more carefully at them, I realized, each one held a mini lesson for me, a perspective altering thought...

New sago palm leaf:  No matter how curled up life seems to be, it always has a way of straightening out.
Bayou the Pond Cypress: Even the most messed up, frazzled days have a beauty about them.
New leaf on Tricky the tri-color beech: We don't just grow in the spring of our lives, we can grow beautifully in the challenging heat of those painful summer days...
Dakota (3 dissectum trees all babies from the same parent): As humans, we are connected and so very alike but we each shine and standout in our own unique way
Fu (a fuzzy textured maple): When you look a little closer at the perfect lives you think others may have, you'll see that we all have a few burns and scars. But those edges make the beauty that shines through even more stunning...
Blooming gardenia: What seems pure and perfect isn't. In life, there's no such thing. But when I learn to appreciate the gifts I've been given, I come to understand how perfect they are for me.