June 16, 2011


thank you
for your smile
it tiptoed
tiny wires
and kissed
its sunshine
on my face
dancing warm.
it's strange
how i can
feel your love
even through
this telephone.

Every day, friends evoke smiles in me. From across the country, these tiny gifts come via phone or a simple text or email. Sometimes my neighbor across the cul de sac will send me a text that I'm sure she can hear me laughing over. As I work out of my home office, these smiles always shift my mood up a gear.

Yesterday, a friend gave me a smile and paid it forward. She sent me the text of a card I had once sent to her, helping me reclaim a truth.... peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.

Where will your smile tiptoe today?

June 15, 2011

not my idea

Have you ever held and petted a cat then placed it where YOU wanted it to be? In a fraction of a second, four paws escape from THAT place and look back as if to say not my idea. Three minutes later, after licking their furr, observing all around and circling, they often are curious, go back and curl up as if its the best place on earth... because now it's THEIR idea.

Sound familiar? That's human behavior, too.

We seem instinctively adverse to endings or change. But endings are good! Without endings, we'd never crown world champions! Projects would never be completed. Deals wouldn't be closed. We wouldn't be propelled through a book to see how it, uh huh, ENDS. With donkey hoofs embedded, we are dragged out of ruts, fears and comfortable behaviors only to find, yep, you got it, the beginning of something precious and new. Only when we let go, wave sayonara to destructive behaviors and fears, can we embark into new, refreshing paths that feed, fuel and transform us.

Want a vibrant life?  Respond calmly to the perceived threat of change. One of my best friends puts it this way: surrender to the moment. Soon you'll transform panic, even pain, into a rush of endorphins.

Teach yourself to SEE every ending as a beginning of something. Because it is...