October 24, 2011

right here. right now.

Where would I rather be than right here, right now?

Nowhere else! The response eagerly bounces off our lips so easily when we are in the midst of joy or contentment. A compelling, endorphin sparking activity like passionate sex? Right here!

But what about when we’re in pain, conflict or challenge? Do I really want to be right here, right now?

While it may not immediately jump off my lips, the reasoned answer is, yes.

Why? Because the ONLY place we hold power is now. The only place we make a difference in is now. We can’t change future facts. We can’t even know them yet. Truth and reality are now. 

By being attentively involved with what I’m experiencing, I can adjust my feelings, thoughts and strategies. I can shape my world now and indirectly effect my future. If I feel fear, HERE is where I let it go. If I’m struggling with a challenge, HERE is where I calmly face it and find solution.

I have no power over tomorrow. That’s okay. All my power is right here, right now.

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