July 13, 2011

Panic. Pain. Pride.

"If you don't know where you're going you will end up some place else.
Yogi Berra's witty nonsensical yet smart observations make me smile and stop thoughtfully in my tracks at the same time!

Yogi's right. Have you ever seen a scared rabbit darting wildly in front of a car or that proverbial deer in the headlights?  Panic rarely enables constructive action. 

I rarely float in life. I'm an achiever. I'm most comfortable when I have a direction and goals I'm working toward. Yet recently, I witnessed the ineffective Bambi in me. Not pretty. Frustrated, unable to make headway, I only had myself to hold accountable.

So, I've been quiet on this blog for a few days resolutely aimed in a direction to achieve goals that are extremely important to me. I cleared distractions and committed to a singular focus is so often needed to succeed.

Like a wash of sunshine, it flowed in. Call it Drive. Grit. Hunger. Determination. A healthy sense of Pride. That "thing" that sharpens our aim and focuses our actions in order to achieve a goal so that we can celebrate success with our head high, shoulders back and beaming with joy and contentment with what we just accomplished. 

I know where I'm aimed. I'll celebrate with you when I get there. I may even celebrate key milestones along the way.

Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.

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