June 03, 2011

painting a pig

Employed occasionally to photograph corporate events, I joke it is my job to make 50yr old women look 39 and slim 240lb men to 175lbs. Subtle digital Photoshopping is an art form.

Daily we're exposed to obsessive efforts to alter reality. Beyond the digital darkroom that renders models, actors and musicians into airbrushed versions of perfection, they sport implants, sculpting, liposuction, botox, lifts, peels, collagen... need I go on?

We've created a culture where fake is perceived as real. Sadly, in the quiet, not always so confident, chambers of our self-image, we believe ourselves less attractive and less amazing than we ARE.

I took photos of a friend who remarked how great the photos were but lamented they showed their age. They could not see the compelling character, beauty, wisdom, warmth and gentleness I and others are so drawn to. Just looking at the photos, we want to know them!

We don't need to paint the pig!! It is precisely who we, ALL of our quirks and foibles included, that draws us to others. When we allow others to see our flaws, we grant them permission to be REAL, flawed... and dearly loved.

Unapologetically and unrepentantly be you! Because when we see the truth, struggles, victories, vulnerability and realness in you, we are so incredibly attracted to and comfortable with you.

   Your mind and your experience call to me 
   You have lived and your intelligence is sexy
   I want to know what you got to say  
   I can tell you taste like the sky cause you look like rain

Have you looked in the mirror? You look like a pig. And damn, you're sexy!

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