June 23, 2011

inadvertent cocktail

A friend challenged me, What does Judy want? Like a refresher course, it helped me revisit and be clear about my dreams and desires.

I am clear and focused on 4 priorities all centered on living joyously and as a constructive contributor to others joyful living.

  1. Strengthen my financial health and business stimuli by finding, securing and kicking ass at professional opportunities
  2. Strengthen my physical health to combat the inevitable duress of aging
  3. Strengthen my emotional health by operating peacefully grounded from the center of my life philosophy
  4. LIVE fully:  Choose, create and BE fully present in each moment experiencing the utmost joy, discovery, comfort, creativity and growth

My priorities are meaningful journeys not destinations. They cannot be accomplished; they can be fulfilled to the best of my ability every day.

However my life interacts with people, places, possessions or achievements, these are not answers or solutions. It is in me to determine what I feel and learn on my journey. 

Every interaction contains the potential for joy, discovery, comfort, creativity and growth as well as sadness and pain. Sometimes life is just an inadvertent cocktail.

While there are some don't wants, there are no must haves in life. There are simply dreams, desires and gifts. When its a good day, they come wrapped together.


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