June 10, 2011

fab service

Outstanding customer service. THAT never happens. No wait, it just did!

I just set up an HSA account at a new bank because the service, features and fees at the old bank were consistently underwhelming. That's putting it nicely. When a new fee surprised me, the representative I talked to rudely advised, obviously you missed the notification about that, it was included in your last statement. Proving he was right was the straw that lost my business.

After applying online, I received the paperwork & debit card in just a week from my new provider, First American Bank (FAB). Over the next 2 days, I set up online banking, electronic deposits and funds transfer from my old account.

For these 3 actions, I called with a question for customer service. No waiting on hold, a warm helpful voice quickly answered. The first representative answered my question about online banking and suggested they stay on the phone WHILE I set up the online account just to make sure it went smoothly. Wow. Big smile. On the second phone call, the representative promptly and cheerily supplied the information I needed to set up deposits through bill pay at my bank. Home run! Their reps can answer anything. On my 3rd phone call, the FAB representative answered my question about transferring funds and apologized it wasn't the convenient answer I was looking for. Bonus points for empathy!

But the 4th phone call knocked my socks off. 5 minutes later, SHE called me back. She'd done a little homework she said and researched an answer that would work better for me. Then she helped me make the initial deposit transaction I had wanted to make. Grand slam.

I'm in marketing. I'm passionate about helping clients build strong, memorable brands and cultivate customer loyalty. I hadn't read it til now but FAB's website says, We offer sophisticated financial products with state of the art electronic delivery, but at our core, we are a community bank. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being easily accessible to our customers. Each of us is dedicated to making your banking experience here a pleasure.

I didn't have to read it. 4 phone calls demonstrated everything about First American Bank's brand. With flawless delivery, I experienced every single one of their brand statements. I chose FAB because of their sophisticated, electronic-delivery products. I'll stay a highly loyal FAB customer because of their service. I'm looking at the other products they offer. I'm banking with FAB...

Want a pleasurable, dependable experience with a bank again? Make it FAB.

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