September 08, 2005

cry of new orleans

You are not refugees
we are reminded
as our families are scattered
and we seek refuge
in places foreign to us
across shelters and cities and states...
How then should we feel?

You are doing a great job Brownie
the president commends the hapless leader
who bungles and neglects
and does not even know we are here
screaming for help in the convention center
in attics and houses thought abandoned...
How then should we feel?

We are going to rescue you
we are promised by a vacationing president
as we wait on bridges and balconies
parched and terrified for days
without shelter, decency or comfort...
How then should we feel?

You are Americans
reporters clamor to articulate
with cardboard for our shoes
wading in the filth of homes
destroyed by arrogant governmental neglect
left with nothing but each other and pets
you do not wish to evacuate...
How then should we feel?

Things are working out very well for you
we are told by the bourgeois elite
you were underprivileged anyway
so how could losing everything
you ever owned and worked for matter
along with untold friends and family...

Should we survive thru hell,

How then should we feel?

September 07, 2005

children of katrina

children of katrina
orphaned by the storm
cry into the emptiness
trapped in the attics
and rubble of their lives

roofs, walls, and putrid water
condemning them to
a life sentence
damned by poorness
or pride or possessions

rescuers seeking out the humans
leaving animals scared and hungry
wondering why strangers
pass them by and by and by
so much poison water
one wonders if these
tiny lives drink the venom
parched from the thirst
heroically, noah’s wish finds
the few, the lucky, the brave

scathing heat broiling
in an angry spill
tormenting the orphans
who cannot take it back
cannot change their minds

i pray that the lost are found
the parched be quenched
and the doomed be saved
and for the gentle arms of peace
to hold them safe
to whisper they are loved

until the end is in sight

subtle changes

not yet in plain sight
Image hosted by
tucked in between the green
Image hosted by
subtle not brassy
Image hosted by
always breathtaking
Image hosted by
autumn is beginning its dance
Image hosted by
celebrating the end of summer
Image hosted by
and a glorious year of life

September 06, 2005

what i forgot to tell you

note to my husband at 10am this morning
i love you
your ring is on the counter ...
go ahead and have a fun carpooler day
ramses had a dashing nomes race
across the back deck and around the house
then he helped me sort (sorta) clothes ...
lots of dusty, dirty, smelling options
to get laundered today ...
it was fun ordering trim head screws
we made great progress on the table
just in a different order than planned
(life sets its own sequence & pace)

everything is cut, sanded and urethaned
when the screws get here,
some assembly is required ...
i started reading one of the norm books
on the throne this morning
and could barely put it back down
i think i've found my next book to read!
thank you for putting out the garbage
and putting my car in the driveway ...
i could tell you trimmed your beard
with those tiny little remnants in the sink ...
it was kinda neat, feeling like i knew
something about your morning
even though i callously snoozed thru it
i love you ...
when we sit on our benches
and spread out newspaper & coffee
on the table
just remember we have at least
30 years, 3 months, 1 week and 2 days to enjoy it
instead of the
30 years, 3 months, 1 week and and 5 days
we had originally counted on :)
lacy has a few yellow leaves
and meghan has a few red ones ...
perspectively yours, sun fleur


it's potently amazing
what the combo pack of
back pain
and lots of client work
can do for my blogging
sorry about the gap
since May
and thank you
blog readers
who let me know
they missed my