March 03, 2005

News at 3pm

Headline from News of the Weird:
My mother-in-law is insane or diabolically needy.

Now for the rest of the news:
I'm still very, very, very cranky.

Planted tulips and other fake flowers out on the deck.
Put up a new hummingbird feeder on the back deck.

(And now to perky blonde bimbo weather reporter)

It's a 70 degree day with sunshine.

(Now back to the angry desk anchor)

Used rose fertilizer and fertilized all the roses.
Took a picture of every tree/plant to document them late winter before the spectacular pictures we'll get in Spring & Summer.
Went through the big tub in back to find the bonsai copper wire and other items.
Wired a few more trees.
Did some work on business items.
Loved on the cats.
Ate lasagne, carrots and last piece of cake.

(Insert commercial of stupid plastic containers on a wheel that store everything here)

Picked up 2 disintegrated cat balls.
Put two bags of crap in the garage away.
Still wearing mismatched yellow duck flannel pants and Zumanity shirt.
Realized I haven't brushed teeth yet.

(Insert commercial of new, improved, 20-shades of whitening toothpaste here)

News recap:
Just a puttering and pissy day.
Maybe I'll paint -- maybe I'll wash clothes -- maybe I'll wash dishes.
Maybe I won't and will just download photos of plants in and label them all.

(Insert promo of channel 2433 commercial here)

That's all for now.

More news at 7:42pm ... shall I TIVO it or will you be here for the news in person?

Signing off,
Senior SonomaHoma Reporter