September 14, 2005

lay down the stones

all you self-righteous observers of those stranded in Katrina
lay down your "I would have done better than you" stones

stop condemning those who remained as if the only reason was lust for their possessions
and stop preaching about God laying wrath on the wicked

God isn't responsible for their misery -- nature and callous human oversight are the culprit

in the U.S. we ALL live in the path of destruction
of tornados, floods, fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes
and terrors entirely man-made

when the rescuers wouldn't rescue your pets, would you leave them?
if you had no car, how would you leave?
if your path across the bridge was blocked by idiot police/sheriffs, where would you go?
if you were in a nursing home, how you would leave?
if you were in intensive care in a hospital, how would you leave?
if you are waiting for your goverment check and had no
money to afford transportation or lodging, how would you leave?
if you trusted the levees not to break, would you leave?

give money
and be grateful for all that you have
which is starkly different than what they have just lost

remember the first word in our country is "United"
and take that stone and find a nice lake to skip it on

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