September 17, 2005

just for the record

just for the record, 
i am staunchly, unwaveringly for
the separation of church and state

that means i don't want some other flavor
of christianity, islam, judaism or buddhism
running and ruining my government

i expect the prevailing majority
to rule my government
not to try to make the minority
speak, pray or believe as they do

i don't want to endure the changing
pedestal of the bible, koran, torah and the veddah
on display in front of my courthouses

i rather prefer plurality in all things American

God, Allah, Abraham or Buddah
aren't required to keep our citizens safe
our borders secure
and our economy functioning

somehow far-right leaning zealots
have forgotten how their ancestors got here
in the first place
fleeing religious persecution ...
longing for a place where they could
live in freedom of expression and peace

And since God, Allah, Abraham and Buddah
or the local pastor, imam, rabbi or lama
has no special insights into my infrastructure,
tax code, economic policies or environmental concerns
leave them out of my government

it is an extremely slippery slope
the extremists on the left or right are pushing for

i hope we don't wake one day to our
own version of the taliban making decisions
moral, ethical, judicial and legislative
in our own backyard

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