September 13, 2005

dude where's my country?

That's what the bumper sticker
on the car in front of me read
i grimaced and hmmmd in agreement

idealists from birth, we wish for too much
as has had every human before us
we complain that our leaders
and heros and baseball stars
don't quite measure up
never do, never will

disappointed we continue to
believe the empty promises
dream that we'll conquer and win
and hope these mortals
perform better tomorrow

they never do
and we never learn

human foibles and lust for power
mix with terror and tragedies
and steriods and things that end in "gate"
creating a poison for which
there is no remedy, no cure

we think we know we live
among humans who treasure peace
and freedom and life
only to wake again one rainy morning
to find that the one thing
we can always count on
is that our foibles and failures
will always float to the surface
regardless the height of the flood.

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