September 08, 2005

cry of new orleans

You are not refugees
we are reminded
as our families are scattered
and we seek refuge
in places foreign to us
across shelters and cities and states...
How then should we feel?

You are doing a great job Brownie
the president commends the hapless leader
who bungles and neglects
and does not even know we are here
screaming for help in the convention center
in attics and houses thought abandoned...
How then should we feel?

We are going to rescue you
we are promised by a vacationing president
as we wait on bridges and balconies
parched and terrified for days
without shelter, decency or comfort...
How then should we feel?

You are Americans
reporters clamor to articulate
with cardboard for our shoes
wading in the filth of homes
destroyed by arrogant governmental neglect
left with nothing but each other and pets
you do not wish to evacuate...
How then should we feel?

Things are working out very well for you
we are told by the bourgeois elite
you were underprivileged anyway
so how could losing everything
you ever owned and worked for matter
along with untold friends and family...

Should we survive thru hell,

How then should we feel?

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