September 07, 2005

children of katrina

children of katrina
orphaned by the storm
cry into the emptiness
trapped in the attics
and rubble of their lives

roofs, walls, and putrid water
condemning them to
a life sentence
damned by poorness
or pride or possessions

rescuers seeking out the humans
leaving animals scared and hungry
wondering why strangers
pass them by and by and by
so much poison water
one wonders if these
tiny lives drink the venom
parched from the thirst
heroically, noah’s wish finds
the few, the lucky, the brave

scathing heat broiling
in an angry spill
tormenting the orphans
who cannot take it back
cannot change their minds

i pray that the lost are found
the parched be quenched
and the doomed be saved
and for the gentle arms of peace
to hold them safe
to whisper they are loved

until the end is in sight

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