February 12, 2005


It wasn't your typical 7-year itch moment. That itchy moment when AADD (adult attention deficet disorder) sets in. I inherited AADD from my grandfather. A classy, proud farmer he washed his car every Friday before sundown. He never drove far and so at the end of every year, he'd walk back into the same dealership and trade the spiffy old sedan in for a spiffy new one. He loved cars. Mostly, he loved new, shiny cars.

I inherited his particular vehicular version of AADD. When a final car payment was made, my checkwriting fingers began to itch. Three years stuck with the same vehicle seemed like an achingly long time. Then one day I saw the first ad for the new Porsche Boxster. I was hooked. Couldn't wait til the end of my Infinity lease was up to get my very own Boxster. I walked in to Austin Porsche dealership and did one of those "to me, from me, with love and affection" transactions. That was 7 years ago this month.

A few weeks ago, I heard a weird pop from the my convertible window as it folded back out of sight for one of those sunny afternoon drives back from a client. And all of a sudden, it occurred to me: I wasn't driving a new car anymore. And she (yeah, well, I called her Louise after "Thelma and Louise") hasn't bored me. She's got a few dings and scrapes but everytime I slip behind the wheel and feel the engine purr, well, I'm thrilled to drive this car.

It's why my license plate says "GR8PHUN". Seven years later, I've found the cure for AADD -- enjoy what you love in life. Oh yes, neither Louise or I have aged a day and when the wind whistles by, and Louise flips up her little spoiler tail as we glide over 60mph, I swear we're both grinning from ear to ear.

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