May 14, 2012

by appointment only

As I was walking back to my car with my new printer cartridges, a sign in a nearby store window caught my eye.

Lessons by Appointment Only

At first glace, the sign seemed reasonable. Ask the expert at the golf shop to schedule lessons for you; they'll check their schedule and arrange time to teach you lessons.

I began laughing as I drove away. What if life was like that? No lessons given unless we ask first. Lessons will only be given when previously scheduled!

In life, we don't know what we don't know until it is pointed out! Lessons are unscheduled benefits of an open, receptive attitude toward growth.

If we had to ask for lessons, lessons would be lost on those who already think they know everything. Lessons would be lost on anyone who wants to avoid growth pains. They'd be lost on the arrogant who arrived at supreme knowledge au solitaire.

I was left to muse how thankful I am that the greatest lessons of life occur to the unwitting.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes harder still for some, is to recognize a lesson when it is being given. One should be open to learning something from every encounter, every interaction, every touch of another.

Judy said...

So true! Being "open & receptive" are ACTIVE not passive verbs. Being present means drinking in the most every raindrop offers, saturating in each experience seeking to evolve from it as well.