January 07, 2005

a daisy through the cracks

You know how you can be walking hurriedly down a sidewalk, head down, determinedly focused on getting to point B -- when as you step over a crack in the sidewalk, you notice the beauty of a small daisy growing through the cracks in the cement. It makes you stop, smile and appreciate the little wonders of life.

On an otherwise fast-paced week where I didn't stop til 1 or 2am, I was 60 hours in and looking for an old email. I kept scrolling down through the 300 or so in my inbox until I found it. But I found something else. Lodged next to that email, I found another one. I had never seen it when it arrived in my inbox nearly 2 weeks ago. I understand why. It came when I was miserably sick with the flu. In the fog of head congestion, it got lost in a blur.

Today, clear but tired eyes bounced through the words. They were penned by a client, a CEO,

"Many thanks to you for the fabulous Harry & David 'indulgences', which arrived by hand this morning. I feel very fortunate to be professionally associated with you, in large part because of the energy, passion and extreme competence that you inject into our relationship. I look forward to a long and continuous association with you. Hope that you and yours have a very happy and safe holiday!"

At the end of a long week that had me juggling several clients in 60 hours, I was weary. His note buoyed me tremendously. Perhaps I was meant to read it now--not when it was sent--in a moment like this. It was a reward unexpected and delightful. Like a daisy through the cracks ...

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gregoryhero said...

Perhaps you should re-read your own comments as the plaudits roll in following the launch of your website (as difficult as it was).

Good job, congratulations, attagirl... feel them all as they are meant for you and they are meant to be felt by you.

I know that this is the next in line of many plaudits, and there will be many more, but take a breath and FEEL this one.

Oh so proud of you, Fresh Air Girl...and the first day of Spring (!) is just around the corner and you know what that means......