November 13, 2004


The first one looks like waves on an ocean. The second one looks like a tepee with bumpy rocky ground on either side. Signatures on two new contracts. Things of beauty. These signatures not only signal new business, but they are signatures for two redesigned corporate websites along with new extranet capabilities. This marks the first time my marketing consulting work has allowed me back into my favorite territory -- interacting with customers via the web. Woohoo!

No time to amble, be dilatory, be long, be tardy, cool, crawl, dally, dawdle, delay, dillydally, drift, falter, fool around, fritter away, goof off, hang about, hang around, hang back, hang out, hesitate, hobble, idle, lag, loll, lumber, monkey around, mope, mosey, muck, plod, poke, potter, procrastinate, put off, putter, remain, saunter, shuffle, sit around, slouch, stagger, stay, stick around, stop, stroll, tarry, tool, totter, trail, traipse, trifle, trudge, vacillate ...

November 11, 2004

November 10, 2004

not what we're dealt, how we deal

And then something interesting happened. After the election, I mean. A couple of checks came in from clients and two new proposals were accepted. Those delightfully loony Halloween presents came in from Gene & Claudia -- a week late, just like they usually do. Bella still peers into my shut eyelids with a pronounced meow about 5 minutes before the alarm goes off. Ramses still follows me around every room in the house scouting for unknown gnomes that might lurk. Autumn leaves turned more spectacular shades of brilliance than we've seen in several years. Gregory brought me these incredibly beautiful green hewed flowers just beginning to bud because he loved me. Dad sent off his book to the press and mom came over with freshly baked bread. The fabric of our lives continued.

Before the election, Gregory and I had this debate -- the U.S. government matters/doesn't matter. He argued that government affects our daily lives and I argued it doesn't. This morning I realized we were both right. Sort of.

We spend so much of our lives trying to control what impacts us. We vote for our candidate. We want traffic to move at our speed. We order coffee, wine and dinner just the way we want it. We carefully select the right mobile phone calling plan and the right neighborhood to live in. In reality, we can control very little of what happens to us. Happiness is less about what we're dealt, it's about how we deal.

Happiness comes from allowing yourself to enjoy the scenery while you're stopped in traffic. It comes from the delightful conversation with company while we drink and eat. It comes from your best friend's unexpected cheery phone call while you're driving to a client. So while we should spend time trying to craft and order our lives, making the best of life -- however it is handed to us -- is what matters most.

Those little green buds are opening delightfully right now on my desk, by the way.