November 02, 2004

sad sad sad sad day

All my life, I've been in the minority.

I didn't fall for the blonde, blue-eyed quarterback that all the other girls did. I liked the tall, dark mysterious guys. (Still do). I enthusiastically TIVO'd Olympic table tennis and badminton during the middle of the night when most people couldn't even tell you what a birdie is. I don't get on the winning bandwagon, I always cheer for the underdog.

Still, I thought, in these months in the heat of political battle, that my reasoning, my values made sense. I can't fathom people voting for an arrogant man who ignores advice and sneers at dissent. I can't fathom people voting for a draft and continued, unwarranted war. I can't fathom people voting to infuse more religion and pork barrel into their government. I can't fathom people thinking that a president who can't even master the English language can be trusted with their future. I can't fathom that people in 10 states ban gay marriage (as if divorce isn't the greatest threat). I can't fathom that people want religion in government regulating science. But it appears they do.

I have never been this repulsed by a faux leader in my life. I want to vomit each time I hear him speak. Bush is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. I hate him with a white, hot, burning, screaming heat.

None the less, in the middle of an unstable economy, a ballooning national deficet, with millions of lost jobs, my fellow Americans decided that conservative values outweighed pragmatic progress. They decided spending billions on war made more sense than billions on our own health and welfare. I'm appalled.

For a moment, I had thought reason might prevail. But, I'm in the minority. I forgot about that. And that forgetfulness has begat a deep sadness that has nearly reduced me to tears.

No matter which way Ohio tips, I stand by my voice of reason. Several million will come to their senses in the aftermath and demise of four more years and realize that Bush never had a clue. As we all spiral downward at the expense of military excess, corporate excess and pork barrel excess, they will grow angry at their choice and the consequences.

Today was the beginning of a landslide, referendum victory for Hillary Rodham Clinton. I only wonder who the VP will be.