October 21, 2004

and then there's this moment

And then there's this moment. Indescribable, unpredictable moment. You look out the window that glowed green all summer long and suddenly, there's crimsom.

A shade of orange you can't quite put your finger on.

A burnt orange that still burns brightly.

A strong yellow glows and it's not the sun.

Green flirting with deep shades of pink.

Tiny fingers of maroon deftly clinging to mother trees.

There are flowers from Australia that rage glory in unison.

And then there's this moment that words just really can't describe.

October 20, 2004

it's not a moot point

A friend of mine, with pretty strong opposing political views used a new technique to squash my arguments against re-electing Bush. He said it's a moot point because Bush will win the re-election. Period.

It's not a moot point now or ever. When someone tells us to shut up because its a moot point they stoop below the antics of the schoolyard bully that attempts to silence the voices of those they don't like rather than allow all voices in the chorus. No argument -- just shut up and sit down. So let's look at why he wants me to shut up.

My friend is choosing to vote for Bush NOT an the basis of a balanced set of criteria but on a single issue -- Bush's aggressive approach to war. It seems there are a lot of right-wingers voting on a single issue basis: war, guns, religion, abortion.

A great example of that is Mayor Koch who was on the Daily Show last night with John Stewart who explained why he was voting for Bush, "There is not one single issue I agree with Bush on with regard to the way he addresses economic policies or the environment, but I'm voting for him based on his stance on terrorism."

If you don't give a shit about Bush driving the economy into a deep dark hole or theocracy grabbing a stranglehold of american politics .... that puts you squarely in the same corner as a hoard of fundamentalist right-wing religious zealots who are saying, I don't agree with Bush's stance on capital punishment but I'm voting for him because he is bringing God back into the way our country is run. Be careful of the defacto result you think you seek.

At the end of the day, it is fallacy to believe you are simply voting on your perceived view of a man or on a single issue. You're not voting for a man, you are voting for a platform and a party. Bush has been a puppet for the religious right. If he retains office, just watch the religious crusade continue. All the "single issue" voters, so willing to compromise on all the other germaine issues that affects our daily lives MAY get precisely what they ask for.

The fallacy of ignoring all the harm Bush continues to do to the economy, environment, separation of church-and-state -- you may WIN one battle and lose the war.

It's never a moot point. Despite who wins the election, the battle for all aspects of freedom will continue. Our voices will not be silenced.

America was born in pursuit of an idea—that a free people with diverse beliefs could govern themselves in peace. -- John Kerry