December 08, 2004

cardboard shelter

You can tell the holiday season is here. Three families in my building have opened the door for the UPS driver to deliver those large Dell boxes. Each box houses technical toys that disappear inside the house for their new owners. Seems the humans in each abode find great delight in the faster, better, cooler options each year unfolds.

Last nite, one of those boxes reappeared. You see, it's been raining this week. And the man downstairs lets his cats out when he leaves for work midday and doesn't return til midnight to let them back in. I can't blame Josh and Spot for wanting to get out of the apartment because he is a chain smoker. But it's been pouring rain. Since they are without food for 12 hours, I always put out treats for them when I feed my cats for the evening.

But yesterday, the two of them just broke my heart. Seems the little spot right outside my dining room window and next to my neighbor's door is kind of protected from the wind and rain. When I got home late afternoon, I found the two of them curled up in one giant ball next to each other. I brought out a dry towel and put it under them along with two bowls of food. But they were damp, unable to find dry shelter. I went back in the house and looked around for anything I could use to shelter them. Nada. I was heartbroken.

But as I went back to the window to check on them, a big Dell box had appeared. It was laying on its side with my little towel neatly tucked on the bottom -- and two grateful cats curled up inside. Seems I wasn't the only neighbor whose heartstrings were plucked.

He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge. You will not fear the terror of night nor the arrow that flies by day. Ps 91:5

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