November 18, 2004

that disease

I have that disease. I'm sure the JAMA has a name for it because I've recognized it in others and I know I'm not alone. This disease has quite a few manifestations. Let me explain.

A few years ago I was laughing with a co-worker. She and I described our intentional dehydration at the office so we wouldn't have to take those time-wasting, guarantee you'll show up for meetings late, restroom break. Today it hit from 9am to 1:20pm. It stopped the moment I looked up from my computer and realized I hadn't eaten anything for breakfast and lunchtime had almost passed me by. I conquered it by making a sandwich, tossing a couple of celery & carrot sticks on the plate, splashing OJ into a glass, snatching a napkin and returning to my desk.... sigh. This type A disease is difficult to keep in remission.

I conquer it each time I stop for 5-15 minutes when my cats walk across the keyboard or rub up against my legs. We take time to play with feathers on a string or some combing or petting. Sometimes it's just time to break out the fresh tuna treat.

Undeniably, the disease is part of my drive. That ability to enjoyably dive into work without regard for time. To look up several hours later after crafting design, strategy or writing and realize the immersion was satisfyingly intense. None the less, variety is important. I need the variety of work -- if I wrote or had to design all day, every day, I'd go nuts. What I don't always keep in the forefront of my mind is that all the other variety matters, too.

So that's why I have a scented candle going on my desk. And why I'm taking a few minutes break to blog. Why I'm sloshing thru herbal tea most days. Why I get up and exercise from time to time (or at least walk to the mailbox). Why I adore when the cats want my attention.

Enjoying variety in all its forms will keep this disease at bay. Now back to that web strategy ....

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