November 23, 2004

a scoop of cottage cheese

It was lunch, sorta.

There I was, ten minutes before my customer conference call at 1pm realizing that I'd downed half a cup of cappucino at 9 and hadn't eaten anything yet today. Just in case I was to actually feel hungry later, I ran to the refrigerator with a spoon and scooped out 1/3 cup of cottage cheese before the door closed. Great, no dishes to clean. Protein, dairy all in a few bites. Okay, this is nuts. But I was so happy.

And one conference call later, I was even happier. The client loved the global website designs we showed him. In fact, his favorite was my favorite. His email later to me said, "The proposed website designs were excellent! I think that you are right on the money." Okay, I'm floating now.

Glad I didn't have too much food to weigh me down! Cottage cheese and endorphins go a long way...

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