October 26, 2004

the truth of the matter

Never assume that people want to learn from their pain.

Most people try to forget anything uncomfortable ever happened. They quickly hope they were freak incidents that won't happen again. The rest hold a grudge and assume it was someone else's fault. A few brave souls stare the pain down.

The history of civilization is a recycling anecdote of those who merely forgot the pain only to forget what caused the pain in the first place. Doomed to repeat the same mistake over and over again. Nothing learned, nothing gained.

Those who think it's always someone else's fault, forget the leading role they play in their own life movie and inadvertently add to costly re-takes. Action .... dang, same bad result.

When we quickly distance ourselves from pain, we separate ourselves from truth. Only when we dare confront ourselves to learn the truth of our pain can we steer a different, learned course.

Defiantly dare to face the pain. Let the seeds of growth bask in the warmth of it's light. It can only hurt you again if you choose to forget.

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