September 29, 2004

dirt berm

Maybe to you and me, it's a freshly excavated construction site. It's a long, tall smooth pile of dirt pushed to the edge of a road away from a large flat area that will eventually be filled with cookie-cutter houses and too-small backyards. You know, a dirt berm. How mundane.

Two days ago, it stood silently, solitary testament to housing development that the earth willingly obliged.

Today it is a miracle of expressive and boundless freedom. Boys on bicycles whirling up and down. Inventing new moves unheard of by common man. Accidental kneeslides and breathless accomplishment. In their mind's eye, each jump and twist is twice as high or fast as it might look. It's an instant skate park. They discovered it and it's theirs. I can only imagine the lingo spoken there -- slang to me and mere breath to them. No doubt they are tweaking the frame and creating their own versions of switch b/s k/f 3, Pierre-Luc's nollie h/s varial indy 3, and Sandro's 9.

It's a pyramid of frivolity. A hot new place to dash to after school. A boundless monument to energy and invention. Soon construction site signs will go up and they'll be shoed away, but for today and maybe tomorrow, it's their domain and they're reveling in it.

Did you find your own dirt berm today?

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