August 12, 2004

mrs kitty

"Hello Mrs Kitty" she called out as she whizzed by on her bicycle followed by the summer tribe. I've learned this is the affectionate nickname they've given me because I like cats as much as they do. Summer is a time for kids to race on bicycles, draw chalk pictures on sidewalks and flag down the ice cream truck for a popsicle.

And so, having my own business makes me a participant in theirs. As I come and go from this home office, I am cheerily greeted by these tiny neighbors. How come you are all dressed up? See my new haircut? I just got back from swimming, where did you go? I wouldn't trade a single one of these moments for those glazed overloaded looks from a neighboring cubicle occupant trying to slog through unread 48 emails for anything. I rather enjoy dodging myriads of crab apples dotting the sidewalk much more than dodging another meeting invite on another overbooked day at the corporate mill of grind.

Mrs. Kitty wouldn't trade places for all the crab apples in the world.

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