August 03, 2004

here it goes

Blog this, I kept telling myself. I usually capture the fabric of life thru poetry and photography. It seemed too sappy to write poetry about starting my own business. Short of a webcam showing the incredibly boring detail of cats at my feet while I design business cards, brochures and do business development -- a blog seemed the best way to capture the raw sinews of this endeavor. After all, this isn't a private event. Trusting myself enough to hang out my own shingle -- sell me, create my own business model, pricing, and services isn't something that will be successful in a vaccuum. I want to shout from the rafters, I'm here here, are you ready for me?

I designed my logo along with my biz card, brochure, letterhead, contracts and all the other documents I'll need to interact with clients. I wanted the logo, colors and tagline to convey creativity, structure and to imply you can be confident in doing business with me. Hope it kicks butt.

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Leap Solutions - Scott Ormerod said...

Hey Judy, like I've been telling you for years, it isn't that bad to start your own consulting practice especially when you have great ideas to sell. Love the Bcard. It does provide a sense of creativity and invitation to work with you. Heck, I'll even work to refer a few to you.